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Regeneration Project

In 2007, in an effort to increase the biodiversity of the winery site, Windowrie set aside 100000 square meters surrounding the winery to establish a regeneration project. The aim of the project is to increase biodiversity and to offset carbon production at Windowrie. The first of five thousand native trees and shrubs were planted in January 2008. Waste water from the winery has been treated and used to help establish the project.

With support from the LCMA the plan is to return the entire area to its natural state by 2020.

Each year since 2008 the Windowrie Team plant an additional 100 native trees. The strike rate for theses has not always been great given that sincwe 2007 Central West NSW has see some very dry seasons with little to no rain during the Spring months of September, October and November.

Given the changing seasons and the variance each year we are happy to see a 50% strike rate, with the knowledge that once these native species are established they will thrive in the conditions common to the NSW landscape.


Today (Friday 17th of October, 2014) the team at Windowrie planted a further 100 native sapplings. This year with much more confidence that the strike rate will be increased due to the fantastic spring rain we have enjoyed this week. Subsoil moisture was better than it has been for many years and with raised hope we expect to see a stike rate closer to 75%.



The Team - ready to get to work 

(L-R) Anthony Tuimugua, Jason O'Dea, Giacomo Rilevo, Tom Schmit.

Get digging boys!!



The project so far..

Some beuatiful Eucalypts, this little grotto is home to a family of kangaroos




Appears in time for the phot op

Winemaker Antonio D'Onise, gets his hand dirty planting some native wattles.




Tom Simply bursting with excitement about the great work he's doing for the environment!


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