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The Winery

The O'Dea Family, believing that Cowra's potential as a grape-growing region could only be reached by processing its own fruit locally, have invested in a state of the art winery - completed in time for the 1999 vintage. The winery was erected on a hillside overlooking the magnificent vista of the Estate's vineyard.

The vision for the winery was to combine the latest technology with traditional techniques, and most importantly to reduce the critical time between picking and crushing the grapes. Because the Windowrie Estate vineyards surround the winery, winemaking can begin within minutes of harvesting.

David O'Dea explains “having a winery close to the source of production allows the special attributes of the locality to be stamped onto the wine. Windowrie wines are estate grown and made on site at the winery.”

The winery is also accredited as an organic processor allowing the winery to make organic wine from organically grown grapes.

The winery has the capacity to handle small volumes of fruit through to very large parcels up to 200 tonnes in one night.

The winery is dedicated to working with noncore varietals to access the ability of the region to produce regional wines of outstanding quality.

In 2008, in an effort to increase the biodiversity of the winery site, Windowrie set aside 100000 square meters surrounding the winery to establish a regeneration project. The aim of the project is to increase biodiversity and to offset carbon production at Windowrie. The first of five thousand native trees and shrubs were planted in January 2008. Waste water from the winery will be treated and used to help establish the project.

With support from the LCMA the plan is to return the entire area to its natural state by 2020.




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