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Grape Growing

Located adjacent to The Crest Vineyard is the 33 hectare Windowrie Vineyard. The land is highly productive and particularly well irrigated. These vineyards contain some of the oldest productive vineyards in the region and produce low yielding super premium fruit. These vineyards have been planted by us during the last 30 years



Covering 1,250 square kilometres, the Cowra Wine Region is defined by warm days, cool nights and dry late summers.

These factors provide perfect conditions for ripening winegrapes. Minimal rainy days during the critically important ripening period allow for consistent fruit production. The warm finish to the season and an average of 2,025 sunshine hours during the growing season allows for true varietal characters to shine through our harvested fruit. Windowrie is blessed to be situated in such an excellent region.


Great wines are made in the vineyard. Winemaking should be as pure as possible, our desire is to display the individual characters of the grapes and terrior in the bottle.

Jason O'Dea, Vigneron

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