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Vintage Update: Canowindra NSW

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

“Our thoughts are with those that have been directly and indirectly impacted by the dreadful fires that have ravaged the country,” said owner Jason O’Dea. “We are fortunate that, so far, we have escaped the worst of what has been a difficult start to 2020.”

The Windowrie Estate vineyards are all free of smoke taint. The white varieties have been harvested and are safely in the winery, with the exception of our Picpul. “This variety ripens around the same time as Shiraz. It’s an exciting variety which we continue to gain experience with.”

“Our various Shiraz parcels are presenting themselves as positively as ever,” explained winemaker Anthony D’Onise. “The grapes went through veraison at the usual times, however bunch weights were lower, as a reflection of the dry conditions.

“We experienced some warm temperatures in early January which saw the baumes move quite quickly. Harvest was subsequently seven days earlier than usual.

“Some of the early ripening, lower yielding Shiraz is in the winery with other red varieties planned to by picked shortly.”

“Our Shiraz continues to perform well. I’m confident that with the experience that we have with the region, the vineyards and in the winery, we’re continuing to produce a modern style that competes for the best value Shiraz in New South Wales.”

Jason’s father, David O’Dea, who established Windowrie 32 years ago, and recently celebrated his 80th birthday, has experienced most of nature’s challenges. “Every vintage is unique, and we’re constantly reminded that, as an agriculturally based business, we exist at Mother Nature’s whim.

“We are a tough and resilient community and I am confident that the global climate issues that we are experiencing will be addressed in line with the science that is being presented.”

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