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Anthony D’Onise is a skilled fourth generation winemaker who leads Windowrie’s viticultural operations. Windowrie celebrated Anthony’s first anniversary with the winery in January 2011.

Having grown up in an Italian-Australian winemaking family on his family’s South Australian vineyard, he has been steeped in winemaking culture. After graduating with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology) from the University of Adelaide in 2003, he honed his skills at some of Europe’s and Australia’s most focused wineries, including one of Europe’s most premium wineries, Vylyan in Hungary, as well as Le Chablisienne in Chablis, France, and South Australia’s Petaluma and Orlando.


Prior to joining Windowrie, he was winemaker at the respected Charles Sturt University Wines.

Our Winemaking Philosophy


Windowrie have been growing and making wine from our vineyards since the early 1990’s. Over the years Windowrie have carefully nurtured the vines with the belief that great wines start in the vineyard. After 30 years of making wine from these vineyards the family have an in depth understanding of the quality of fruit that can be produced from each specific vineyard.


With many of the vines now passing 30 years of age the low yielding vines are now producing fruit of high intensity with great colour and balance. An important aspect of Windowries development has been the investment in research and development during this period both in the winery and the vineyard.


An interest in developing the region has seen the family plant varieties including Sangiovese,Petit Verdot and Tempranillo. The winery employs traditional techniques such as basket pressing and hand plunging with new world winemaking technical advancements.


Food friendly wines are well balanced with interest, wines that pair well with food and importantly also strike a conversation.

The Winery


Located immediately above The Crest Vineyard, the Windowrie Winery sits on our 51.66 hectare property. The modern winery has a processing capacity of 6,000 tonnes and a storage capacity of 1.2 million litres. It was constructed in 1998 and has been kept updated with efficient equipment.


The winery was developed in a modular scheme. The winery combines modern efficiency with traditional techniques to ensure wine can be produced for several price points. Winery capacity allows super premium parcels of 1,000 litres up to in excess of 250,000 litres.


Our winery produces all of the Windowrie products as well as processing and making wine under contract for outside customers.


Our goal is to make wines that you can enjoy at any time and look to a second glass. Dark berry fruit is evident in the Shiraz from the region and consumers love the fruit purity

Anthony D'Onise, Winemaker

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